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Frequently Asked Questions

Portal Access

If you are a current apprentice or sponsor, please wait for an email invitation that will allow you to access and sign up for the Portal. The Portal is currently being rolled out in phases between September to November 2022.

If you are a new apprentice or organization staff member without a unique SkilledTradesBC ID, go to this page to sign up for the SkilledTradesBC Portal and select the Register option to start the process.

We are currently rolling out access to the new SkilledTradesBC Portal in phases between September to November. Once you receive their portal invitation link via email, you will have access to activate the Portal.

If you are an active apprentice or sponsor with a valid SkilledTradesBC ID, you will receive the link based on the phased roll-out schedule between September to November 2022.

We appreciate your patience during this time. Please continue checking the email you used to register with SkilledTradesBC for an invitation to access the SkilledTradesBC Portal. Be sure to check the spam folder as well.

In the meantime, you can continue accessing your apprenticeship or sponsor information via Direct Access.

You must use a unique email address to sign up for the SkilledTradesBC Portal. If an email address is already associated with another account, you must use the link in the email invitation sent to your registered email to activate your account.

Once the SkilledTradesBC Portal invitation email is sent to you, your access to Direct Access will automatically be deactivated and you must sign up for the SkilledTradesBC Portal. This ensures that your data is carefully transitioned to a new platform and ensures your information is in one place.

Start by signing up for an account with the SkilledTradesBC Portal. Once you’ve signed up, go to Online Registration in the navigation menu to start registering for your program. Note that you will need your sponsor’s SkilledTradesBC ID to complete your registration.

Sponsor registration via the SkilledTradesBC Portal is not yet available. To register, please fill out this form and email it to Customer Service at customerservice@skilledtradesbc.ca.

The invitation link sent to you is valid for 10 days so your link may have expired. Follow the steps below to retrieve the invitation link.
Click on the invitation link sent to your email address.
Click Redeem.
You will receive the following message – “Portal invitation has expired. Resend invitation?”
Click Resend Invitation.

Your password must follow the following rules:

  • Be at least 8 characters long.
  • Be a combination of upper-case, lower-case letters, digits, and special characters (e.g. ! # %...) (At least 3 out of 4 categories).
  • Not contain your first or last name, email address or date of birth.
  • Not contain your SkilledTradesBC ID.
  • Not use a previous password.

If you have forgotten your password, click on “Forgot your Password” on the sign-in page. Enter your registered email address. A password reset link will be sent to your email address.

You cannot change your registered email address via the Portal. Please contact our Customer Service for assistance.

Users are locked out of the SkilledTradesBC Portal after 5 unsuccessful login attempts. The account is locked for 60 minutes.